Why Hire a College Coach?

Far too many students are not ready for the demands of college and fail to succeed at alarming rates.

For a 4-year college, only 55% of freshmen will earn a bachelor's degree with most taking 6 years to graduate. Two-year degrees have 30% graduation rates and take an average of 3 years (Inside Higher Ed).

These graduation rates come at significant costs with each additional year at a public university costing over $68,000 in tuition and lost salary (The Four-Year Myth).

To address this challenge, Dr. Steve Harvey created www.MyCollegeMax.com; an online site that provides an interactive dashboard designed to help high school students succeed in college and college students succeed in their careers. Dr. Harvey combines MyCollegeMax.com and 25 years of experience to offer a College Coaching Package and a College Coaching First Semester Package.

College Coaching Package ($395)

  • 60-minute Student Coaching Session with Dr. Steve Harvey where he will review MyCollegeMax.com, go over the 3 Career Assessments and Learning Styles Assessment that the student will complete prior to the meeting (takes 20 minutes).
  • 30-minute Parent Call to answer any questions on how to move forward.

The College Coaching Package provides you a membership to MyCollegeMax.com ($349 value) that allows you to:

  • Select the very best major based on self-assessments and professional coaching;
  • Learn about and engage in activities that will greatly increase your readiness for college;
  • Set goals for when you visit and evaluate colleges;
  • Increase the likelihood of finding the best college to match your chosen major, campus preferences, and career goals; and
  • When you start college, MyCollegeMax.com resets to the Career Readiness Scale to help you prepare in the best way possible for your future career after you graduate.
  • My College Max Program Package: $395
  • "2 At a Time" My College Max Program ($500) (combined Student Session with 2 students and combined Parent Call for 2 students)
  • "3 At a Time" My College Max Program ($600) (combined Student Session with 3 students and combined Parent Call for 3 students)
  • For larger groups, please contact Dr. Steve Harvey.

College Coaching First Semester Package ($550)

The First Semester Package includes the above College Coaching Package and helps students to:

  • Transition from high school and teachers to college and professors, and into an independent learning environment with an expanded workload;
  • Develop a learning strategy consistent with your My College Max Learning Styles profile;
  • Acclimate to the college campus and different resources available to you;
  • Register with career services and begin the process of preparing for graduation; and
  • Engage in career related activities that greatly enhance your likelihood of securing your ideal job.
  • Includes weekly contacts, responses to texts or emails, and if needed, phone sessions.
  • College Coaching First Semester Package: $550

Annual Package

The Annual Package includes includes lifetime subscription to www.MyCollegeMax.com ($349 value), a in-depth overview of the My College Max program and how to choose a major, and the above services for the first year. A four year package or additional years can be purchased.

Please email Dr. Harvey for additional information. 

For long-distance coaching, I use Zoom video conferencing that I'll set up for the client.